We have specialized services to meet the needs of all our clients. We supply our staffs with the best equipment and skilled procedures that gives you the value-added services that you desire. Please browse through our services and see which will benefit you most.

Organic Waste

By diverting organic waste away from landfill, organic matter is transformed into nutrients in soil to grow plants and sustain life.

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Used Cooking Oil

EcoWorks ZeroWaste provides you with the safest and cleanest way to recycle used cooking oil.

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EcoWorks ZeroWaste wants to save you money on your landfill cost. By using our recycling organizing program we divert...

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Landfill Garbage

The goal for our Zero Waste program is to minimize your landfill amounts. Landfill waste charges are the most expensive compared to organic wastes and recyclables.

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Paper Shredding

Our Specialized wheeled containers for confidential document collection are specifically designed to collect and dispose of you documents with the upmost security.

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Used Battery Bin

Used batteries often end up in the landfill. The harmful substances permeate into the soil, groupwater and surface through landfills. Lets do our part and keep them out of Landfills.

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